About us

We are 'by and for DOG PARENTS' with the idea of uniting the dog community in a common effort to make it bigger and better. 

We call ourselves DOG PARENTS, not dog lovers, owners nor anything else because we feel they are our kids and that is why we always research and look for the very best products we can find.

The very first thing that moved us is that just like us, there are a lot more people out there worried for one of the most precious thing that we have in our family: our dogs, our 'fur-kidz'. The whole idea of wauwah started precisely because of that love, since we first got our oldest Ronco we knew we wanted to give our dogs the opportunity to be an important part of this world, to make people conscious of how important is to treat them well, to give them also some opportunity to walk around and realize how many people love them, how important is to have a pet friendly world.

During our journey to become DOG PARENTS and learn to train and raise them to be socialized dogs, we realize not only it makes us happy, but it also makes our fur-kidz happier, the realization of acceptance and social life makes them behave very different and we would love every dog to experience it. 

We are about realizing that at the end of the day there is always somebody waiting at your door and making you feel that you are the most important person in this world, someone that no matter what you do to them they will be right there by your side, we want to give that importance to them promoting products, ideas and everything we find to be relevant to be a world where more social dogs are accepted; while promoting other pet related businesses that make a better world somehow.

Our Team

TEXAS: Emma, Miguel Ronco and Maia

Our Texas fur family is composed by Emma and Miguel, parents to Ronco and Maia, the stars on this whole thing, these guys are a pair of boxers that inspired their parents sooo much they decided they could make their well being a business.

MARYLAND: Ana, Yatniel, Titus, Ellie and Dory

Our Maryland fur family is composed by Ana and Yatniel parents to Titus, Ellie and Dory, these 3 are a fun mix and are definitely trouble their parents believe that a world with more pet events will be a better one.

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