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XLarge Pet Collar (XL-0064)

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Pet collar extra large size, fits large-extra large size breeds like: Great dane, sain bernard, cane corso, anatolian shepherd dog, neapolitan mastiff, mastiff, bullmastiff, giant schnauzer, great pyrenees, greater swiss mountain dog, irish wolfhound, kubaszlionburger, american staffordshire terrier, newfoundland, scottish deerhound, tibetian mastiff.

Neck Measure: 19.68 in - 24.40 in (50 cm - 62 cm) 

Bo Collars are one of a kind pieces, which make them uniques. The quality of our products is also unique in the market, 

" Each piece is unique , We support the art of mexican native women " 

100% hand made by mexican artisans.

100% hand made by mexican artisans.